Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blogging is too much effort for my frail and weary bones

I'm listening to a band called Yonderboi. The song is Road Movie. It's nice. Really nice.

This blog is what it is. It was a reason, more than a year ago now, for me to start writing again. Writing about some things I was discovering for myself: the blog (mostly) was the result of the research I did for a class I was teaching at the time.

After I finished the class, I kept the blog going - with things like letters to editors, random rants against Bush, and rips at christianity.

Lately, though, I've just been posting a link and writing a line or two.

So, while this blog achieved what it was originally designed to do, it has been something less than inspiring lately.

(Now I'm listening to Enigma)

It is with mixed feelings that I announce (to the select 2 or 3 that still read) that, for the foreseeable future, I'm going to leave this as a sort of time capsule, an anachronistic monument, to my blogging days.

I'm not shutting it down, I'm just not going to come back here for a while. If ever.