Thursday, September 22, 2005

A third party wades into the fray

In the recent flair up of creation vs evolution in US school boards, an unsuspecting third party has reared its ugly head. And it's ugly.

Since the late 1990s, US christians have been trying to get schools to either drop evolution from their curriculum or to teach evolution and creation simlutaneously.

But an alternative that a lot of christians are willing to settle for is what's known as "intelligent design." It's sort of like creation, but not so much Adam-and-Eve-seven-day creation, and more evolution-is-valid-but-god-had-planned-it this-way creation.

It's pretty nutso, in my opinion, because to debate evolution is good - science isn't science unless hypotheses are tested, theories challenged. Even a theory as near-concrete as evolution can be challenged.

Problem is, what these people are challenging evolution with isn't science. Folks, if you're going to throw down science, use some science to do it, not faith or religion!

A lot of the opponents of the intelligent design education reform state simply that, hey, sure, teach creation or intelligent design - in a religion class! Not in biology. Not in geology.

We're sort of insulated from it in Canada (thank god... oops... intelligent designer...), but this is huge in the States. Imagine, a generation of kids growing up not learning about evolution. That's really nutso.

Anyway, it's so big right now that the NY Times has a special section on the evolution debate.

...complete with a FAQ...

...and a great editorial.


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