Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More on intelligent design

Man, this evolution vs. intelligent design debate is off the hook.

I am following with intense interest and horror the trial (about to begin) in Dover, Pennsylvania between some parents and a school board over the teaching of the intelligent design theory in biology class.

Something new that I've learned is that the US supreme court ruled in 1987 that teaching creationism (adam and eve) in school is unconstitutional because it was deemed religious education.

Now, people are freaking that the intelligent designer theory is just creationism in different wrapping. As well they should - who is it that is pushing intelligent design? Christians.

Anyway, I fear and suspect that the school board will win the case and get to teach intelligent design as a contrasting theory. Why?

For starters, it is good pedagogy to expose kids to different ideas - gets them thinking critically, you know. Second, the judge overseeing the case was a Bush nominee. Third, by the strict wording, intelligent design is different from creationism (although it's still not science).

So I think intelligent design is coming to a biology class near you.

The saddest part of this story, though, is when the school board rep went to a firehall to pass out flyers criticizing intelligent design, and one of the firemen (who obviously doesn't believe in evolution) danced like a monkey to mock him.

Uh, what year is this? And how old are we?


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