Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cod ban destroyed by loophole


-1500 - John Cabot arrives in Canadian waters. He notices that there are so many cod that he could just about grab them out of the ocean with his hands.

-1500 - 1990 - Cod is fished like mad.

-1990-1995 - Cod stocks disappear. An international moratorium is placed on fishing cod. A bunch of Newfies are put out of work, which prompts the government to implement assistance "programs" like the seal hunt (which is later banned and then reinstituted).

-1995-2005 - people can't understand why cod stocks haven't rebounded. Seals are, among other factors, blamed.

-Today - WWF releases a report stating that rogue fishing groups are still catching cod by exploiting some loophole in international fishing laws. If the fishing doesn't stop, the cod is gone forever.

-Next spring - the seal hunt will begin again. 350,000 young seals will be murdered. Cod stocks will continue to fall. Newfies will continue to bitch.

Cod ban destroyed by loophole


Blogger Mark said...

So this is all John Cabot's fault?
Damn you Cabot!
Damn you to hell!

7:26 AM  

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