Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Video games - the harbringer of apocolypse?


video games can be fun. I've played more than my share of Doom. More recently, I was sorta hooked on Half Life 2. And I can recall some NHL '95 tournaments from back in high school where my friends and I almost came to blows. Mortal Kombat? Yeah, we stood in line to both play the game and see the movie.

So I can't really bad-mouth video games. They are what you make of them.

But this is a bit much: a man in South Korea died when he collapse after playing a video game for 49 hours straight. With no food and no sleep. His heart just failed.

And this dude, who mimicked Grand Theft Auto and shot three police officers, was convicted of murder and may face the death penalty. The scariest part was that he actually used his video game habits as part of his defence.

If these people want to be competitive and immersed in a game, they should get outside and play a sport, instead. That's all I'm saying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, you're really kickin' it with the South Korean connections lately. Have to say, in this case, the "death from online gaming" story is highly suspect. There are several of these reported every year in Korea. Clearly this guy had some pre-existing condition. The same thing could have happened to him the next day while walking down the street. People all over the world stay up for longer periods of time than two days, often participating in much more demanding physical activity, and nothing happens. Remember, this is coming from the same "authorities" who also claim several deaths every summer due to the placement of fans in people's rooms. They call it "fan death".

Keep it real,


3:32 PM  
Blogger Andrew J. said...

I'll tell you who(what) to blame. Blame Grand Theft Auto, blame Ozzy, blame Marilyn Manson, blame MTV, blame big buisness, blame God, blame the devil, blame the poor, blame the rich, blame my brother Bob, blame your genetics, blame me, blame everything and everyone but yourself. Who needs personal responsibility. That's what we have the federales for, to regulate everything so I can be protected from my own lack of personal responsibility. Maybe we can breed out personal responsibility all together. We can just teach everyone that instead of taking responsibility for putting a gun to our heads and blowing our brains out we can blame it on the same consumer items that we put in front of ourselves.

To except the excuse "Ozzy made me do it" is to dumb down our society.
Blaming Gangsta Rap for our situation is nothing more then a cop-out and only serves to lessen the importance of personal responsibility. This in the long run will lead to more stupid people and more violence.

I love these opertunities to rant.
You may not agree with me but I'll give it to you honestly and I'll call'em as I see'em. You set'em up and I'll knock'em down.

Wage Peace not war.

6:27 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my first time doing this. Andrew has shown me what do to once and specifically said he would not be showing me again so I hope this works!!

I've seen and tried to play Grand Theft Auto. I was HORRIFIED by it and I'm....well I'm over I can't imagine kids seeing this. It shouldn't be available to them or anyone else. I can't imagine someone sitting down and creating something this violent.

How am I doing so far? (Continue on Fleur...Andrew said, "Just press anonymous and you're done!)

However, the mention of Grand Theft Auto brings me to something I've meant to bring up. I've noticied a number of links Andrew has to other web sites and would like to bring attention to this one.

Please check it out. I think it is wonderful, not to mention Canadian. Their photos are amazing, although not many are shown on the site. The photos often make me cry, especially the ones on friendship and I think of Jenny and how much I'm going to miss you guys (Sniff, sniff, crying now....)

Anyway, check it out.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Well said AndrewJ,

Nothing like I little bit of existentialism to wake up to in the morning. It goes weel with my coffee. Like my good friend, Monsieur Sartre, repeatedly tells me,

Man makes himeself, thus, is responsible for what he has made.


We are condemned to be free.

Those aren't direct quotes, rather, they are how I remembered them. So don't bother writing down any corrections.

But here's a correction for Andrew; it was NHL '94. not '95.

6:50 AM  

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