Saturday, August 13, 2005

Someone else's rant, and better than one of my own

A close friend of mine, whose anonimity I will protect, sent me this rant on religion. Enjoy:

I saw this online today and I immediately thought you might want to sink your teeth into it, via your blog. I should be up front and say that I relish any chance to add to my own disdain for religion in general and the Catholic Church specifically:

"The sins of the fathers Cardinal Ouellet doesn’t believe in punishing children for their parents’ sins—that is, unless their parents’ sin is homosexuality"

Makes me laugh these days when I here about how "open", etc., Canada is compared to the U.S. People site "same sex marriage" in Canada as a signal of this, without bothering to mention how many Canadians are against it:

"Canadians deeply split on same-sex marriage, poll suggests"

(Regarding the story of the South Korean man), you might know that Korea is probably 25% Buddhist. Anyways, I wonder if anyone's ever asked Richard Gere how he feels about his beloved Dalai Lama being rabidly anti-homosexual. Freedom for Tibet, but not for fags, I guess.

Don't get me started.

The only thing I can say that I like about my Muslim brothers is that it is against their religion to try to convert people. They are not to proselytize. Word.

Whoa, that's a good rant. If I could add anything to it, I'd just like to say that my parents used to drag me to church on Sunday mornings. I wish they sent me to see St. Mattress, instead.


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