Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The melting pot

OK, let's see where we're at today:

PM Paul Martin says he's going to get tough and use forceful language with GW Bush on climate change. Junior Bush doesn't believe (or does but doesn't find it convenient) that man-induced climate change is an issue, so Martin is going to tough-talk him. When I read the article, I found this passage amusing, funny, laugh-out-loud hilarious, actually...

"No one expects Bush to sign on to Kyoto, but they are hoping he will at least agree that climate change is a real problem."

It conjures to my mind a parent or teacher speaking to a 7 year old kid in denial:

-Now, now, Johnny, we saw you throw that rock.
-No I didn't.
-But we saw you.
-No I didn't.

How can you argue - or compete - with such child-like tendencies?

And another thing

Umberto Eco, one of the smartest men alive, has a new book coming out. No, it's not book 6 of the Harry Potter series. I've read a few by Eco; his essays are brilliant and funny, and this novel is one of my all-time favourites. Still, he's not for everyone. What with the way I read today, it would take my 6 or 8 months to finish one of his novels.

But his new book explores an interesting concept, as evidenced from this quote:

"Take the case of a person who's totally illiterate. When he or she dies, his or her life has spanned 60 or 70 years, let's say. But you or me, when we die we've had a life 2,000 years long. Our life contains — I don't know, the assassination of Caesar and the discovery of America. People who have had cultural training have a longer life than the person who has only personal biography."

His book explores the meaning of identity. Neat to consider.

In summary

If you like running - and I do, when my surgically repaired left knee cooperates - then you'll dig this article about getting back to the basics of running.

Apparently (as with everything else), we've engineered our lives to be so easy that we're now becoming frail and weakly. Modern running shoes are so good at stabilizing and shock absorbing that our feet have become weak, and as a result we suffer more injuries due to weak muscles.

Listen, running is a tough sport. When you run, you put a wear and tear on your body, and so you're bound to suffer some injuries. Even if it's only tendonitis or sore muscles.

I don't think I'd want to run barefoot. But then, I have "gringo" feet.


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