Friday, June 17, 2005

Banning free bibles, media slants

The Halifax Regional Schoolboard has banned the distribution of free bibles in all schools in the Halifax region.

And the Chronicle Herald wrote a piece on it. Wouldn't you know it? I had a beef with the slant of the article. If you want, you can read the text of the article here.

Then read my letter to the author of the article below:

Davene Jeffrey,

thanks for the article on banning the bible giveaway in Halifaxschools - it was an enjoyable read.

One thing, however, that I thought could have been touched upon is the fact that non-denominational schools are not the place for religious education or indoctination. Further, it would seem - at least to me - to be partisan and in conflict of interest to further allow public schools to sanction the free bibles.

I think the school board has taken a necessary step, a step in line with the philosphical view of the public school, and I wish that this point had been explored further in your article.

Like I said in my letter, public schools are not the place for religious nepotism. That's why I'm in favour of canning stuff like the "christmas break," free bibles, and easter holidays.

Although I do like the extra vacation.


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