Wednesday, June 08, 2005

And I'm not even passionate about lakes

It's true. I would much prefer mountains - big, jagged, glaciated peaks. Then, I'd choose rolling, eroded hills, like those found in New York. After that, I'd probably pick rivers and streams, and then perhaps oceans. Yep, lakes might come near the end of my list, right before boring woods and prairies.

But even though I'm not passionate about lakes doesn't mean I don't care about the pollution of the Great Lakes.

All this toxic dumping - by both Canada and the US - into the earth's biggest fresh water reservoir is really going to cause a problem for the US when is has to start buying large quantities of water from Canada (because the US is burning through the Ogllala Reservoir - because of excessive agriculture and animal farming... but I've already blogged on the Ogllala).

It's a shame, this pollution. It's also a shame that laughing Jack Layton even got a mention (with a completely inane and irrelevant comment, to boot) in the article.

This little post would make a good segue into posting about salmon farming. I'll see if I can get on that tomorrow.


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