Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More people who freak me out

These folks, who I added to my list of crazies. These people, however, seem to be more eloquent and coherent.

The big thing for the Christian Coalition for America is that they are bringing god-people together to lobby for change in government and in school systems. In both Canada and the US, we have a system that is supposed to separate church and state (thankfully!). In Canada, our public school systems are non-denominational - so much so that we've even gotten rid of the christmas tree and the "christmas break" (it's now the winter break). In the US, I'm not sure what the principles of US schooling are supposed to be, but I do know that this particular item in their mission statement scares me:

"Passing Congressman Robert Aderholt's "10 Commandments Display Act,"H.R.2045. Congressman Aderholt's states' rights bill gives the individual States the power to decide whether or not to display the Ten Commandments on or within publicly owned buildings and the bill does not mandate that they be displayed. Christian Coalition will seek a vote on this bill during the 109th Congress. "

Imagine having your child go to school with a great big plaque of the 10 Commandments on it. Now imaging that you're not christian. Discriminatory or biased? I think so.

The most dangerous part of this group is that they are powerful and focussed. They seek to drag the US back (socially) into a place where old-school christian values ruled government and thought.

This group was founded by a dude named Pat Roberson, who also appears on mmfa.org a bunch of times.

This blog was designed as a disorganized forum for my thoughts on environmental issues, but it seems to be taking a decidedly political turn. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. Gotta get back to my roots. Gotta keep it real.


Blogger Jason said...

Why would the government want to remind Americans, and themselves, of how many comandments the violate?

10:27 AM  

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