Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Just catching up on the news when CBC broke in with a story that Paul Martin will address the nation tomorrow evening. It seems he's very concerned with his party's falling poll numbers, the sponsorship scandal, Liberal party members defecting, and a looming call for an election.

On the one hand, the Liberals must pay for the foolish corruption that has only just surfaced with the sponsorship mess.

On the other hand, however, if Stephen Harper is to be our next Prime Minister, then count me out.... out of the country that is - all the way to Antigua. I pity the 30 million people I'll leave behind while Harper drives this country further toward fundamentalist, socially-backwards ideology.

These are indeed scary times for Canadians. Who are we? Who are our allies? What identity do we have? What's our place in the world? And what sort of government do we want?

In other thoughts:

If there needs to be change, it needs to be in the world, not in the doctrine

-archbishop of Quebec

That's exactly the kind of religious tolerance I'm looking for if I ever decide to return to the church in which I was baptized.


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