Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Yes, I've read the Da Vinci Code

With the grotesque success of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, a high-ranking Italian cardinal has recently spoken out against the novel, urging Catholics not to read the book and not to buy it.

He claims that the book's unprecedented run as a best-seller merely confirms that anti-Catholicism is an acceptable prejudice.

Pardon me if I snicker at this irony. Seems there is a certain Bishop out in Calgary who is doing a pretty good job of making anti-homosexuality an acceptable prejudice.

As for me, I'd have to agree with that cardinal: don't read the book. Although it presents fascinating ideas, it is written for the average 11-year old - the writing is atrocious. Instead (if you want to find out more about secret societies, the true identity of the holy grail, and Christ's lineage) read The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, which, while being a bit heavy, does not treat you as if you were a child.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure what that cardinal is really upset about is the lack of scenes in the novel detailing the diddling of 8 year old boys. If anyone should be interested in intriguing (if not well written) fiction, it should be one who studies the bible (Jonah and the whale, anyone?).

3:44 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

I agree with you on the book. I read (and enjoyed reading) the DVC, but not because it was entirely factual, because it was entertaining and a quick read.

Unlike The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, it is an adventure story. The name of the game is to sell books.

The reason it is so sickeningly popular is that it was an enjoyable read. Dan Brown's genius is in his ability to get a huge number of people to think that they are now a part of a secret brotherhood.

I look at it this way, it is like going to the peeler bars. You know you are being played, but you can still have fun.

Yeah, maybe elementary, but also fun.

Hell, there were a few words that I didn't understand. I am not stupid for that am I?

As Anonymous pointed out 6 times on the post above, there are no prerequisites to be a critic. Well there are none I am aware of either to like strippers.

11:07 PM  

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