Thursday, March 24, 2005

What's the cost of the word "toxic?"

This Liberal government (and its predecessor) have really, really dropped the ball on environmental issues.

We signed on to the Kyoto protocol without a plan, we let two years of budgets slip by without said plan, and the date of actual Kyoto plan came and went without us - you guessed it - having a plan.

If you were paying attention during the last election campaign, Martin also made some promises about getting food manufacturers to label all genetically engineered food.

Anyway, it looks as if the Liberals are attempting to make amends. They've just reworded one of the provisions of the proposed Federal Budget to allow greater government control over industrial carbon dioxide release. In fact, it was done by sneakily removing the word "toxic" from the text of the budget. Because CO2 is not toxic - but is a greenhouse gas - opposition governments are calling the move 1) just a way to tax carbon usage and 2) an underhanded way to gain support of a budget, and then change it around behind everyone's back.

It's not a great tactic, I have to admit, but I think it's high time that some sort of CO2 control came into plan in Canada. Steven Harper's environmental critic is strongly opposed to carbon usage taxing, but the countdown is on for some sort of carbon tax to take effect in Canada. Maybe it will be this year, or the next, but it is only a matter of time.

So by removing that word - "toxic" - from the budget draft, the government could force an election. If somehow the budget is passed and the Liberals stay in power, then that little word, and the absence of it, could have huge ramifications for the future of Canadian environmental policy. Positive ramifications.

I normally don't read or link to this piece of dirty propaganda, but this article is fairly balanced.

National Post - Harper could force election over Kyoto


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Andrew, you posted a comment asking if I believed "all that crap." I would like to know how you decide what is right or wrong.

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