Monday, February 07, 2005

Yesterday, US Sec. of State Condi Rice asked Israelis take the courageous route:

"We ask of our friends in Israel that Israel continue to make the hard
decisions that must be taken to make peace and enable the emergence of a
democratic Palestinian state," Rice said in Jerusalem at the start of a
lightning visit to the region, her first as America's foremost foreign policy

"We do believe unilateral steps in Jerusalem, particularly those that might appear to pre-judge future discussions, would be unhelpful at this time," she said.

"It is essential that the parties, who we really do believe now have a new
opportunity to move forward toward peace," do everything possible to ensure a
positive atmosphere, Rice said.

Peace in Israel/Palestine is good, but did you gag on the irony? Where was her country's courageous and hard decision not to invade Iraq, but instead bring about democracy through diplomatic means?

(Don't forget, however, that democracy was not the reason for the Iraq war. It was weapons, er, links to Al-Qaeda, or... something like that. )


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