Sunday, February 27, 2005

Funny story (sorta):

So yesterday, Jenny and I went to Gatineau for a snowshoe and a dog walk. When we pulled into a (busy) parking lot, the girl who works there tells us that we can't snowshoe on snowshoe trails with a dog, and we can't bring a dog to any un-marked part of the park (the backcountry). The only place we could bring a dog is on the walking trails, where we can't have snowshoes.

This is news to us, since we've already been there with snowshoes acoupla times before.

So we get back into the car and just decide to break the rules. We headed off to the end of the Meech Lake road, where there was sure to be some privacy. (See map). The road was blocked at this weird gate thing (but it did continue), so we parked at the roadblock and headed out onto the lake for a hike.

The plan was to follow a little valley between two ridges, connect back up to a stream, head back to Meech Lake, and follow the lake around a ridge back to the car. This was not an actual trail, but why do you need trails when you have snowshoes? And Ellie wasn't allowed on trails, anyway.

So we're walking, and the two ridges come together into sort of a ravine, where we were pushed onto the gravel road (aforementioned, the one that continued past the gate). So we took off our shoes and walked down the road for a while, intending to connect with the stream and then head back to Meech Lake.

When we rounded a bend, we came into the most beautiful little meadow, sitting on a lake. There was a house there, hidden behind a fence. It was an awesome spot for a cottage.

The next thing we know, a big black truck was driving up to us, and a little french guy was getting out. He was an RCMP officer, and apparently we were in a place we shouldn't be.

That place? the Prime Minister's cottage.

So we had to retire to the RCMP office next to the cottage and have our "background check" done.

I'll speed the story up, at this point:
-the RCMP officers had been watching for a while
-we weren't in trouble
-we were driven back to the gate, where we then noticed all the
cameras around for taking intruders' pictures
-the PM's cottage is fantabulous
-it certainly wasn't marked on the map.


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