Friday, January 14, 2005

Shady deals and integrity

Yesterday, federal Immigration Minister Judy Sgro resigned from her post in cabinet. The resignation resulted from allegations made by a Toronto pizzeria owner - The man claims Sgro promised him political asylum and Canadian citizenship in return for providing her campain with food and workers during the Canadian election last summer. The man also claims that when the arrangment became known, Sgro ordered his deportation to save her own job.

Sgro maintains her innocence, but doesn't feel that it is right to keep her cabinet post while fighting to clear her name. She - in an astonishing display of integrity - therefore left her job.

Only days earlier in the US, it was discovered that a conservative fellow by the name of Armstrong Williams recieved $240,000 over a period of months in clandestine transactions. Williams, apparently, was paid to back the Bush administration both in print and on TV, all the while posing as an unbiased journalist.

Although an investigation is pending, and both Williams and the Bush folks deny any wrongdoing, it isn't really surprising to those of us embittered with the state of US politics.

I don't know if either Sgro or Bush made shady deals. Perhaps they both did. I think it neat, however, that Sgro stepped aside while dealing with controversy - such integrity! If only integrity wasn't such a foreign concept, an archaic word. If only Bush would vacate his post while fighting to clear his name.


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