Monday, January 24, 2005

Pet cat comes back ... 15 months later

On a much lighter note than this blog is accustomed to, check out this story.

(I sorta stole it from the Toronto Star, who probably stole if from the Halifax Herald)

Pet cat comes back ... 15 months later

TRURO, N.S.—A young girl, who never gave up on the pet cat she lost shortly after Hurricane Juan tore through Nova Scotia in 2003, has been rewarded for her faith.

Breanne Muise's cat, a grey feline named Nature, disappeared 15 months ago, bolting from the girl's household after being startled in a storm.

The 9-year-old Truro girl said she prayed for the cat's safe return, or at the very least, that a caring family would take her in.

"Everyone said she's probably dead," Breanne said recently. "I kept my spirits up because I knew if I thought that, it'd probably happen."

Breanne even attached a bell to her coat zipper that Nature had worn on its collar.

Where Nature spent the first year of its time away isn't know. But, last October, one year after it disappeared, the prodigal cat turned up at the door of the Westen family, two kilometres away.

The family agreed to keep the animal for their own daughter, 10-year-old Grace, who had long been wishing for a cat.

However, when the family brought the cat to the local veterinary hospital for spaying, the vet found a tattoo identifying the cat and its real owner.

Grace quickly agreed to give Nature back to its original owner.

"I just said right away we should give it back," the girl said.

When the two girls' mothers talked for the first time about exchanging the cat, they realized they attended the same church and worked at the same Sunday school together.

"It's almost as if God sent her to our house so she could get home," said Grace's mother, Nova Westen.


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