Monday, January 17, 2005

More on Sgro

Another gem from Mark G, this one on my post about Sgro:

I checked out your blog on Sgro and tried to reply, but... Linux. So I'll reply presonally; thanks to the magic of, "copy" and "paste", here it is:

If integrity was involved, neither Sgro, or Bush would be in these situations. This isn't the first, "shady deal", that Sgro was responsible for. There is also the matter of a Romanian stripper who was granted some sort of imigrant status because, apparently, there is a need for exotic entertainers in Canada (tell that to the hard-working, Canadian girls who selflessly take
their clothes off for our veiwing pleasure). If she displayed integrity in the first place, odds are she wouldn't have had to step down from her position. Plus; it's more likely the reason she stepped down, was not because of her integrity, but rather the pressure from her political affiliations, who, after two such incidents, would want to do without the negative press. So if Sgro has integrity, I have yet to see it. We shouldn't applaud her for resigning from a
position that she mishandled in the first place.

That's my rant on that topic. It's always a pleasure disagreeing
with you.


Can't argue with any of that. But I will stand by my statement that resigning from a position that was mishandled requires integrity - even if the act is only moral in comparison to typical political immorality.


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