Sunday, October 24, 2004

Your geographic fact for today

Did you know that during the Precambrian Era (of geologic history,
between 4.6 billion and 570 million years ago), when the Canadian
Shield was being formed, there existed a mountain range that was over
12,000 metres high? In contrast, Mt. Everest is 8,848 metres high.

Pretty cool, huh?

Today, much of the Canadian Shield has been eroded and scraped away by
glaciers during the last ice age such that the bedrock is now exposed.
Hence the great many lakes in Canada throughout the mid-northern

And each of those lakes is teeming with child-sized mosquitoes just
waiting to drain your precious, precious blood.

Anybody who has canoed in Ontario knows what I'm talking about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did know that. I like your interest in this topic. Do you also know that there was no life on earth during the Precambrian? And that the Apalachian Mountains were once higher than the rockies? And that Nova Scotia was once part of Africa?

8:17 AM  

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