Thursday, October 21, 2004

R.I.P and C.A.R.

Today I saw something weird. In a highschool parking lot, no less.

As I was walking to my (old) car, I saw a pimped-up Honda Civic, with
ground effects, decals, and a big-ass spoiler.

However, one interesting thing was the decal imprinted on the driver's
side window:

In memory of Jay

Clearly, the owner of said car wanted to honor his lost friend. The
cynic in me wondered how this friend (who himself had befriended
someone who wants to pimp up a Civic) would have died, and if it would
have involved drugs or guns.

But then a part of me - buried deep, having receeded, something like
those genes that no longer function because we have evolved past their
use (the name of which I forget, so email me if you know it) -

Cars are often used as expression of self. Sometimes, they are used
as an over-expression of self. Regardless of my feelings on the
matter of people needing to affiliate and demonstrate their self-ness,
I couldn't help be touched that this individual - who takes his vehicle
pretty seriously - wanted to honor his friend's memory on his car. It
was a sad thing.

(See, I'm not always on a rant)


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