Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Is the world a safer place because of the war on Iraq?

There is but one week remaining until the US election. Man, I wish
could vote. Frankly, I feel that this election is much more important
to the world than it is to the US - and that is unnerving. Someone
made a point to me that since this election affects so many people,
maybe everyone in the world should get a vote... an interesting idea,
and one in which I can see the merit.

Regardless, there a lot of blogs on this site that offer great insight
as the US election approaches. Here are my two favourite:

(If you have the time, please check them out. Both insightful people
who will shed some light on the left or right side of this issue)

Each have some strong points to consider. But frankly, I'm sort of
getting away from the left-right debate and thinking about it in more
of an immediate sense:

-Is Bush lax (and backtracking) on making environmental progress? Yes

-Is Bush addicted to fossil fuels? Yes (the man wants to drill in
Arctic Wildlife Preserve, for god sake! There's no end to his

-Is Bush a christian fundamentalist trying hard to disguise his utter
distaste for things non-God? Oh yeah. His social policies would be
back in the 50s if the US people were just a little more on his side.

-Did Bush lie about his motives for the Iraq war? Yes

-Did the war on Iraq accomplish what it was sent out to do? Debatable,
but we can all agree that it's a mess now.

-Is the world a safer place because of the war on Iraq? No - and this
is the clincher. Hard-core righties might suggest that Hussein might
have eventually put some sort of attack together against the US (and
a lot of us might say that this is because being scared of 'terror' is currently all the rage).

In reality, Hussein knew that the sh!t would hit his fan
if he ever pulled something on the US, and he'd be screwed. And so...
what is the result of this war? I'd argue that hatred of the US (as
Bill Maher has pointed out) internationally is at an all-time high,
and people now have more incentive than ever to drop a bomb on or mail
some Anthrax to the US.

Bush has created this culture of fear in the US, and the result is a
culture of hatred for the US internationally. Fear and hatred do not
make the world a safer place.


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