Thursday, October 21, 2004

How to win the war on terror

(I'm on fire today, let me tell you.)

In the most recent poll, Kerry has a current 49% of popular vote, Bush
46%. But 17% of those are undecided, and more than half of the 17%
think that Bush is more capable of protecting the country and winning
the war on terror.

You're the president of the US, and you want to win the war on terror?
Sit down at the UN and say, "I'm sorry for invading Iraq. I'm sorry
for providing clandestine support for Israel. I'm sorry for funding
Afghan forces, who then became an oppressive government that I had to
invade. I'm sorry for consuming as much oil as I do, and dragging the
world into a state of chaos because I need that oil. Most of all, I'm
sorry for being so god damn arrogant as to think that I never need
take advice from the other intelligent citizens of the world. Heck,
I'm just sorry."

That'll go a long way towards fixing this f*cking mess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Jason.

Funny thing about the US needing middle east oil. They don't. True, it is the richest oil reserve in the world, but consider this; the permian basin, Gulf of Mexico, Texas and Alberta oil and gas fields provide North America most of it's oil and gas needs. Some would argue that those reserves are depleted. However, 20 years ago "experts" said that North American reserves would be exausted in 10 years. Well today those same fields are producing more than they have since the last "big Boom" in the early 80's. The truth is that you can drill a hole anywhere in Texas and produce oil or gas. So when you think about it, why does the US (and when I say the US I mean the Bush regim) need or want control of middle east Hydrocarbons? Because they can. They can flex there muscles and take what they want. Thousands of Iraqi civilians have died so that the US (and when I say the US I mean the Bush regim) can feel in control for the next 4 years or longer. And lets hope that doesn't happen

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